March news

March was a very exciting month at Monkey Puzzle St Albans with the arrival of ‘Living Eggs’.

10 fertilised eggs were placed carefully into an incubator to keep them warm, the children then patiently waited for signs that the eggs were hatching.

They did not have to wait long as just one day later, the eggs began to crack and move about as our first chicks began to hatch.

By the end of the day, one chick had hatched and by the next morning, there were three more chicks waiting to surprise the staff!

9 chicks hatched altogether and were named by the children. Spotty, Peppa, Sam, Peacock, Boo, Dolly, Tufty, Sonny and Mickey. The children watched the chicks grow and learnt how to care for them.

Our chicks also gave us a great conversation starting point for Easter.

We decorated boiled eggs, made chick pictures and chocolate nests. They also helped the children to understand about the life cycle of a chick.