April News

Spring has finally arrived and & the whole nursery have been learning about how things grow and change.

Red Monkeys have been looking at how they have changed since they were born, evoking some interesting conversations! They have planted sunflower seeds and are waiting their flowers to sprout and grow, they even have a tank of tadpoles to observe as they slowly turn into frogs.

This had led the children to discover how their environment changes. They used magnifying glasses to watch small insects move across the grass or the look at patterns in the tree bark in our garden.

The highlight of the month was the return of the popular ‘Living Eggs.’ Eleven incubated eggs were closely watched by the children as 10 of them hatched into chicks! The children worked with their parents to think of names for the chicks and ten names were picked out of a hat to give to them.

All of the children loved to see, stroke and hold the chicks, teaching them about the importance of being gentle and hygiene after handling animals, as well as giving them the unique experience of watching a life cycle in front of their eyes.