October News

October saw the nursery celebrating our favourite festival – Halloween!

The children in all rooms loved getting involved in all of our spooky activities and eating gruesome food such as Witches Fingers, Hubble Bubble Pumpkin Pot and Meringue Ghosts from our Halloween themed menu.

Blue Monkeys explored the texture of the inside of a pumpkin as well as handling tiny Munchkin Pumpkins and creating a fantastic display using their whole bodies to create a giant Pumpkin.

Pink Monkeys loved getting messy, using their hands the delve into a witches cauldron full of baked beans, chopped tomatoes and eyeballs as well as making marks in a green cornflour swamp with spiders and creepy crawlies.

Red Monkeys loved dressing up for our Halloween Party and made spooky stain glass window pictures to decorate their room, as well as creating their own spider and pumpkin decorations. They also enjoyed making up their own scary stories to tell at Circle Time!