March News

Spring has sprung at Monkey Puzzle and all rooms have been excitedly exploring the season…

Busy Blue Monkeys have created a delightful display for spring time, exploring bright colours through many mark making methods. Beautiful flowers have bloomed and buzzy bumble bees have been created through exploration of paint, sponges & brushes. Also this month, our bouncy babies have been actively exploring an obstacle course made up of a ball pond, slide, tunnel and soft mats. This encouraged development of gross motor skills, risk taking and confidence building with a helping hand from their nursery carers.

Through hand prints and cotton wool sticking, fluffy lambs were made by our creative Pink Monkeys, along with colourful hand prints forming beautiful butterflies. This was extended through conversations about baby animals and their parents, supported by a farm yard book thus extending children’s knowledge and understanding of the world and language development. Pink Monkeys chef’s hats were firmly back on this month working together prepping their pizzas for Dean (Big Chef) to cook and they thoroughly enjoyed tasting them at tea. This activity encouraged the children to discover different foods, textures and taste, developing their fine motor skills, maths language and enabled them to see an end product.

Red Monkeys are making spring discoveries through nature, equipped with magnifying glasses they explored our outside areas, searching for insects & mini beasts! The children observed spiders in their webs & ants as they crawled along the wooden gate. Accompanying these discoveries the children sang nursery rhymes about insects & are moving forward with planting seeds to grow into cress & flowers. Through these activities our children will develop their knowledge of the world around them & other living things, growth, decay and changes over time.

A very big thank you to our amazing parents/carers, children & staff for helping us raise £207.50 for Comic Relief-Red Nose Day.