April News

April has brought lots of lovely sunny days & we have  enjoyed making the most of the gorgeous weather….

Blue Monkeys have had lots of lovely walks exploring our local area; this provided our youngest children with experiences of the world around them; watching the trains, cars, buses & seeing the colourful trees & flowers. During the walks we collected leaves which were then used to create leaf paintings & encouraged texture exploration. The fantastic staff in Blue Monkeys created a wonderful play experience for our babies & brought the beach to us! Buckets & spades were placed in our open sandpit with a nice cool paddling pool nearby.

Pink Monkeys have been discovering using natural resources…..vegetables were used in paint for printing, this creative activity encouraged discussions where the children recognised & named the vegetables. Our toddlers have been giving planting a try, mint & basil seeds have been nestled in a long plant pot & we are currently enjoying watching them grow into seedlings. We are looking forward to seeing them fully grown & using our sense of smell to discover more about them.

Red Monkeys at lunch times & circle times have been learning new spring songs accompanied by the actions such as; ‘Tiny caterpillar on a leaf’ as well as singing songs about vegetables, ‘5 green peas’. Lots of laughter could be heard as the paint brush tickled the children’s hands & toes to creatively make pictures of caterpillars munching on leaves!! Also this month we had an amazing trip to a local park, the children & staff had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed the conversations that developed as we walked.

This month the whole nursery was lucky to experience living eggs; we watched as the eggs kept warm in the incubator, hatch into lovely fluffy chicks & then had great fun caring for them & learning about them.