May News

Time flies when you’re having fun & it certainly has this month at Monkey Puzzle.

Our Baby Blue Monkeys have engaged in lots of sensory activities to encourage all areas of their development. Lovely play experiences have been eagerly explored such as water play, bath sponges & crazy foam which can be moulded & shaped, coloured rice with crazy foam to create a very sticky mess & painting using bubble wrap attached to our feet!! All of this encouraged our youngest children to explore using their senses, different textures & marks were discovered along with colours, smells & sounds. We are also very proud of our babies who have used their ever-growing art skills to create a new display of their favourite nursery rhyme; I’m a little tea pot!

The wheels on the bus go round & round…….this nursery rhyme has been explored through different activities in our Pink Monkey’s room & our toddlers have had an amazing time. The children’s language development is really coming along & they have thoroughly enjoyed  singing…sometimes even leading the song & singing it independently! Their wonderful imaginations with the help of a few resources enabled the children to engage in a ‘Wheels on the bus’ role play experience & a fantastic nursery rhyme display has been created through painting & sticking activities.

Music, movement & story telling created lots of wonderful moments for our oldest children. Red Monkeys have been listening to a new action CD, ‘Wiggle & Shake’ & have laughed lots whilst dancing & acting out the actions. This encouraged the children’s; listening & understanding, gross motor skill development & space awareness. Story time has been enjoyed by all & a new book has been introduced. The story of ‘Little Rabbit FooFoo’ has been read & brought to life through the use of puppets!

A BIG Thank You to all our children, parents & staff who joined us for our annual ‘Big Toddle’, we raised a massive £740.17 for the children’s charity Barnardos.