June News

We are lucky at Monkey Puzzle that we are surrounded by lots of interesting things inside & out! As the nursery is situated opposite the main line train station, this encourages endless conversations & supports the children’s interests in transport! Our youngest children, Blue Monkeys often ask to look out the window through pointing & babbling or sometimes even saying; “choo-choo”. From here they are able to see all types of trains & get extremely excited as they go whizzing by! This experience was brought to life for our babies through decorating boxes & piecing them together to form their very own Thomas the Tank Engine that they could sit in & explore; thus encouraging their creative, social & imaginative development.

Pink Monkeys have engaged in some lovely play experiences this month developed from their ever growing interests of the evolving world around them. As our toddlers grow so does their curiosity; sparked by their interest of time & questions to carers such as; “what time is it? The children made & assembled their own clocks; a great way to explore numbers & time through being creative! Colours have also been a very strong interest & the children discovered what colours can be created through mixing paint; a rhyme was made up to support this activity to help the children remember.

Our oldest children, Red Monkeys the explorers have been combing the garden with magnifying glasses to find mini beasts for our ‘Bug Hotel’. Mr Sam the Spider (named by the children) has settle in perfectly into his 5* accommodation, accompanied by his friends; beetles, snails, caterpillar & centipede. Mr Sam Spider has enjoyed unpacking & has spun a web at the top of the tank, this has kept the children fully engaged & interested in caring for the mini beasts, protecting them & observing; some of our children had even tried to convince their parents to take them home! This experience encourages & extends all areas of development highlighting; personal, social & emotional & knowledge & understanding of the world.