July News

The nursery has been buzzing with activity this month as our carers work extra hard in always creating new & exciting play experiences for the children to explore…

Let’s have a teddy bears picnic…..Blue Monkeys surrounded by their peers & soft cuddly friends, sat beautifully upon a picnic blanket & enjoyed this role play experience. Using the home corner resources of; plates, cups, food & cutlery the babies made their own choices & picked out foods to feed their bears, even imitating spoon feeding. This activity extends our children’s imaginative play & language development, with our older babies sounding out & naming fruits & veg. Our youngest children also discovering new social skills, concentration & both ages beginning to share.

Pink Monkeys…..our toddlers went on a bear hunt this month & they caught a big one!!!! The room was filled with lots of excitement, giggles & screams as the staff & children brought the story to life. Various resources had been set up around the room to represent the obstacles along the way. Long wavy grass-Green & Yellow sensory strips hung from string, deep cold river-blue bottomed paddling pool, thick oozy mud-oats, big dark forest- play mat, swirling whirling snow storm-shredded paper & a gloomy cave-tunnel. IT’S A BEAR!!!! One of our lovely members of staff draped in brown material replicated the bear. This activity fully encouraged the children’s imaginative, literacy, physical & expressive arts development, through this they have developed a better understanding about how the story ends.

As our Pre-school children, Red Monkeys are still strongly interested in mini beasts & spiders being their personal favourite, they have been looking at our adaptation of the story, Charlotte’s Web. During circle time the story fully captured all the children’s attention as their facial expressions changed as they listened. The children loved looking at the pictures which further supported their understanding, they discovered how Charlotte the spider used her web to write nice words about the pig Wilbur to try & convince the farmer to keep him. Following this the children were so excited to create their own Charlotte’s web, through a very messy string, glitter & glue activity. Next the children were encouraged to carefully write their names & place them into the web….just like Charlotte. Communication & language, physical, literacy, expressive arts & design are all areas encouraged through this lovely engaging activity.