August News

Our Summer Month at Monkey Puzzle has been full of exciting and seasonal activities as we enjoyed some lovely weather.

Blue Monkeys….. have been very social, making lots of new friends this month with new babies joining our Monkey Puzzle Family along with the cuddly kind too. Puzzle the knitted Monkey met our lovely babies for the first time & loved every minute of his first adventure going home with one of them! Whose house will he visit next? Lots of creative messiness has taken place; glitter & glue to make Birthday cards & two of our favourite resources…cars & paint which were used to create lovely paintings by running the wheels across the paper, naming the colours where possible…vroom vroom!

Making the most of the last summer days…. Pink Monkeys went on an interesting nature walk to our local park. The children happily collected leaves; which they later used dipped in paint for printing, pine cones, searched for bugs & discovered different textures by feeling the bark of the tree trunks & petals of flowers. This sparked many questions & conversations, the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the great outdoors & being able to reflect on what they experienced back at nursery through creative activities producing a wonderful display.

We have had some amazing times this month in our pre-school as Red Monkeys celebrated our oldest children leaving to start their next journey to School. The party included; exciting party games with prizes, homemade party food, pop music, a Frozen bouncy castle & a visit from the ice cream van….. delicious, balloons & lots of laughter! Also this month the children have enjoyed discovering & taking part in a new game; a letter bag is passed around the circle to music and when the music stops a child picks out a flashcard. They are then encouraged to name or sound out the letter followed by 10 seconds to search the room for objects or toys to match the letter whilst their friends clapped & cheered them on.