September News

September seemed to fly by very quickly & was full once again with our children making lots of exciting discoveries, whilst sharing them with their friends & carers at Monkey Puzzle…..

Blue Monkeys…..were very lucky to have a visitor which they discovered at their back window! There nestled very high up on a branch was a lovely fluffy squirrel & the children became very excited & interested as they watched & enjoyed. Our youngest children had fun communicating what they could see through pointing, babbling & smiling & some were able to describe the squirrel with words such as; “tail” & “eyes”. Our babies have also been making new coloured leaves for their ever changing season display, as we welcome autumn! They painted their hands to print, using the colours brown & orange. I now think they should create their very own fluffy squirrel to nestle on their display!

Throughout September Pink Monkeys have been exploring transport. The children have been on lots of walks discovering all different types, colours, sizes of transport naming them as they go. Once back at nursery our toddlers have been engaging in train (with pretend tickets!) & car role play activities, supported by conversations of what vehicles they have experienced on their walks. Pink Monkeys autumn discussions have begun & they have been looking at the colour change in the leaves & painting with autumnal colours.

Ready…steady…cook! Red Monkeys have been discussing their personal favourites when it comes to breakfast & were able to explore & extend all areas of development through a cooking lesson. Carefully they measured out scoops of oats & placed them in a bowl, as each fruit was added the children enjoyed naming them; raisins, apricots & oranges. Challenging their fine motor skills the children took it in turns to pour in the condensed milk & giving the mixture a stir. It was then poured into a tray & patted flat using the back of a spoon, forming a large rectangle. Once it was cooked the children were excited to see they had created delicious healthy cereal bars!