October News


The end of October always brings a weeklong celebration of…..Halloween!

The nursery was decorated inside & out & the sound of spooky music filled the air. All room’s explored pumpkins from getting messy and exploring the texture of the filling to exploring shapes through carving.

Blue Monkeys….used their whole bodies to create decorations for their room. The children’s hands were painted to create bats & pumpkins & their feet to create ghosts. Together with their carers our creative babies, through colour & texture made a magnificent 3D wicked witch that sat proudly on her broomstick creating a brilliant Halloween display. Big pieces of cardboard, paint, glue, oats & glitter were used & explored!

Pink Monkeys….made their very own 3D pumpkins using balloons & papier-mâché, potatoes were shaped into Halloween objects & our little monkeys loved creating fantastic pictures by plunging them into orange paint & printing. Corn-flour mixed with water, with a drop of green/black paint, glitter & pretend creepy crawlies makes for a perfect gloopy swamp for our children to explore!

Red Monkeys….put their drawing skills & shape knowledge to good practice through creating big spider decorations to hang in their interest corner. The children drew big circles & stick legs- they were then asked to decide what size paint brush they would like to use to paint the spiders legs. The children concentrated very well as they used a thin brush & black paint, carefully following the lines.

All children enjoyed tasting our Halloween themed menu & even our Tiny Mites sessions were a Halloween special! The week concluded with a fancy dress party & the children looked super cute in their costumes; faces were painted, miniature pumpkins were used to play up & over games & our big pumpkins were used as caldrons to create potions!

This month we were very excited to receive our routine visit from Ofsted, where the inspector spent the day with us. I am extremely proud to announce that we received OUTSTANDING in all areas under the new Ofsted Inspection Framework (September 2015).