December News

It’s Christmas!!

Throughout December we have been embracing the Christmas Spirit and spreading Christmas cheer! Christmas music has been heard in all rooms as children have engaged in a range of festive and seasonal activities; from exploring crazy foam ‘snow’, eating festive favourites to making our very own Christmas decorations.

This year, we have celebrated a fabulous Frozen Themed Day, involving staff and children dressing up as frozen characters and exploring exciting activities such as building with ice blocks and creating a beautiful Ice Palace. Our oldest monkey’s made Christingles using oranges, ribbon and dried fruit, and enjoyed a lovely walk to visit the St Albans Cathedral with them, happily singing throughout the journey. Lots of our wonderful parents and carers joined us for our annual Christmas Party, where we had a visit from Father Christmas, played party games and did some singing and dancing with Tiny Mites. Our Red Monkeys also had a surprise for their parents, and performed a beautiful carol concert at the party.

This month also saw us take part in Hanukah celebrations; making menorahs, playing the dreidel game and culminating in a visit to the local synagogue.

We’ve had a busy year here at Monkey Puzzle where lots of fun has been had! We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe & wonderful Christmas & send our best wishes for the New Year!