January News

January has arrived & we can’t believe how quick it’s gone!

It has been a busy month for all our little Monkeys & it didn’t take us long to settle back into our nursery routine & as the Christmas decorations/displays came down, bright colourful displays have been constructed in their place. We have an Art Gallery, Monkey Puzzle & Elmer Story displays & Police displays (following a visit from the Police)!

Our youngest children, Blue Monkeys have been developing both their gross & fine motor skills through a range of activities. Two favourites in particular were dressing up, where the children were able to make their own choices of what they would like to wear & enjoyed dancing around in their outfits & looking at themselves in the mirror & a game of football; the whole room was cleared & the football match commenced!

Pink Monkeys are developing their love of beautifully singing nursery rhymes by learning some Makaton signs that accompany their songs. Makaton is a great supportive language which encourages speech development. The children are also enjoying learning the Alphabet in Makaton!

Our older Red Monkeys have been extending their interest of outer space, Earth & the world around them. They have been learning about stars & naming the planets, supported by creating each planet from salt dough & paint. This has enabled our lovely children to make such wonderful connections of the similarities & difference of the people around them. The children have discussed how we all have eyes & nose but some of us have different colour hair & can speak differently; from this our children have learnt ‘Hello’ in 4 other languages.

The whole nursery enjoyed a fantastic celebration of Australia Day; through exploration of traditional colours, story books, didgeridoo sounds, Boomerangs, animals & tasting some authentic foods!