March News

We have moved into one of our favourite seasons…Spring; the sun is shining & flowers are blooming;

March 16 2Breezy spring walks have been thoroughly enjoyed by our youngest children, Blue Monkeys as they stopped and observed the delicate pink blossom beginning to form on the trees. Their outside experiences have then been developed through exploration of pastel colours & marks creating Beautiful Butterflies, Spring Time Flowers & a Blossoming Tree!

Pink Monkeys have enjoyed spring time discussions of flowers, insects & weather changes. Through Spring exploration our children have created some lovely animal & flower art work such as; Sheep, Blossom, Chicks & Buzzy Bees through sticking with different textures, colours & different painting techniques. Also this month Pink Monkeys have had lots of fun joining in reading stories supported by home made flash cards. Through the use of flash cards the children were able to reflect on the story & make further connections such as matching & sequencing.

March 16 RidgemontRed Monkeys have been making discoveries about living things, growth & decay through imaginative role play & other hands on activities. The children have been caring for all types of furry friends & reptiles in their very own veterinary practice; feeding them, grooming them & administering medicine! Spring & weather discussions have been held & beautiful flowers have been created through hand & finger prints. Cress seeds have also been planted & we are in the process of excitedly watching them grow!

Also this month as a nursery we celebrated; St David’s Day, World Book Day, St Patrick’s Day, Mothers Day, Easter & Sports Relief. Children & staff were able to try some delicious traditional foods as part of our celebrations, lots of dressing up took place, beautiful gifts, cards & cakes were created & a traditional sports day was held!

We were also lucky enough to experience the life cycle of a chick; we observed as the eggs lay resting & keeping warm in the incubator, got excited as they hatched & cracked & then thoroughly enjoyed taking care of & naming our 6 fluffy chicks!