April News

It has been another busy month at Monkey Puzzle, Ridgmont Rd with children exploring a range of both exciting and fun activities.

Blue Monkeys have been exploring textures and colours as they created their very own sensory wall display using a range of materials. The children used their hands to feel the different textures including feathers, coloured cellophane, cotton wool, tissue paper and pom poms; which they then stuck onto paper using glue and spreaders. Giggles and laughter were heard around the nursery as carers tickled children with feathers.

This month Pink Monkeys have loved exploring the book “Dear Zoo” along with flashcards and props. The children guessed what animal was under each flap and this interest was developed by making our own interpretations of the animals to make an interactive display. They have also been extending their mathematics skills though colours, shapes and number, creating artwork using different foam shapes and shape cutters.

Red Monkeys have shown a strong interest in healthy eating; they have been learning all about the different food groups and talking about what different foods help our body to work. The children designed their own balanced meals through cutting out pictures and sticking them onto a paper plates and then choosing what drink they would have with it. The children extended this further by practising chopping up various fruit and vegetables which sparked lots of conversations between peers and carers during our mealtimes.

Also this month as a nursery we celebrated, St George’s day, where we made flags, St Georges shields and had some delicious traditional meals like pie and mash, jam sponge and custard, then finished the day off with an afternoon tea. We also raised money for Children with Cancer U.K by everyone dressing as their favourite superhero!