May News

May has brought us some lovely sun filled days & our children have had some wonderful play experiences taking advantage of this; water play inside & out, walks to the park, picnic snack times to name a few!

Our babies in Blue Monkeys have been discovering different emotions through the use of our ‘Teddy Bear Emotion Masks’. Our carers encouraged discussions & actions to represent happy & sad & the children enjoyed practicing the emotions through their own facial expressions. Also this month our Blue Monkeys colour names & recognition has been extended through an active activity of parachute games; where some of our oldest babies were able to begin to recognise some simple colours & our youngest ones began to further develop their social & language skills through interaction.

When the sun shines….it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to an ice lolly & our Pink Monkeys did just that!! This exciting activity started with a trip to our local supermarket where the children, supported by our lovely staff, successfully purchased some fresh fruit. Once back at nursery the children took it in turns to chop the fruit which was then added to water & placed in the freezer! Our homemade lollies were delicious & made for a refreshing afternoon snack which was very welcome in the warm weather.

Our brave & adventurous Red Monkeys have never lost their strong interest in insects & this month they have been hunting for bugs in the garden & have loved exploring them further in our very own, ‘Bug Research Lab’! The children have been counting legs, eyes & wings as we tried to identify the different insects under the magnifying glass & comparing them to our factual posters. Thanks to one of our lovely parents, we were provided with the opportunity to observe a butterfly’s life cycle. The children watched our caterpillars grow bigger, form cocoons & lastly opening up into beautiful colourful butterflies!