June News

The months are flying by & June went extremely fast! Its unpredictable weather brought lots of learning experiences for some of our children…

Blue Monkeys have been extending their expressive art & design development through their interest in the story book, ‘Under the Sea’ by bringing it to life through creative, messy, mark making activities. Our youngest children used their tiny hand prints in paint to create colourful starfish. Different textured gluing & sticking to form fish & confetti & shredded tissue paper for jelly fish, thus creating a wonderful display! We have lots of new children joining our Monkey Puzzle Family & this month saw the arrival of a new baby, our older Blue Monkeys have loved getting to know baby & are very interested, they give lovely cuddles, use gentle hands & bring toys to explore.

Our Pink Monkeys are experiencing some new additions to their families at home with the births of new brothers & sisters! This has prompted many lovely discussions with our children about the first time meeting their new sibling, presents for & from siblings, mummies & daddies & cousins. From this the children created their own images of themselves, which are now displayed on their around the world display. This was further supported through our Father’s Day celebrations; card making & discussing all the wonderful things they do for us & holiday discussions about visiting their friends & families in different parts of the world!

Red Monkeys fully embraced our stormy weather & loved exploring the rain outside & then watching from a safe distance through the windows when a storm occurred! They listened intently to the rumbles of thunder & watched the lightning flashes, sparking many questions & conversations as to why this happens. Their understanding was developed through some fantastic activities/experiments; ‘A thunderstorm in a cup’ the children put together crazy foam, water & food colouring & observed what happened as the mixture swirled together. ‘Lightning Pictures’ were created using cotton wool, chalks & black card whilst discussing that it looked like zigzags in the sky & if it made a noise, how lightning would sound like zip-zap.