July News

July has brought us some beautiful sun filled days & it is safe to say we have made the most of it at Monkey Puzzle with; walks, splashing in the paddling pool, imaginative made-up stories in the shade & sprinkler fun!

Blue Monkeys have been exploring animals through various activities, using the figures to encourage the children’s recognition & language development by identifying & naming. The figures have also been dipped in paint to explore the different marks of each animal’s footprints & a lovely adult led activity was carried out using, ‘Dear Zoo flash cards’, which are a favourite for our Blue Monkeys. Also this month a wonderful, ‘Gruffalo’ & ‘summer’ display has been created through various painting & sticking resources & techniques.

Our Pink Monkeys have extended their learning about families & siblings by moving onto animals & their families. The children have been looking at baby animals & their Mummies & Daddies. Pink Monkeys used a new resource of ‘animal snap’, to support the children in matching the correct baby animal with their parents, this also supported their language development as the children began to learn the names of the baby animals. Also this month Pink Monkeys have been enjoying the sunshine; taking walks, exploring the garden & creating an inside water area complete with a paddling pool, watering cans, sponges & rubber ducks for children & staff-amazing fun, lots of laughter & a great way to stay cool!

Red Monkeys have been busy exploring ‘ice experiments’! Blocks of ice have been painted in different colours & the children have been encouraged to make predictions about what will happen, what it will look like & what colours we may see as it changes. Red Monkeys have also been developing their knowledge of primary colours through mixing coloured ice cubes in cups of water & watching the colours as it melts. Rainbows have been created through drawing with coloured ice frozen onto lolly sticks, discussions were held about how & why rainbows appear & the colours that form. Some of our smaller Red Monkeys have been making their own stories & telling them through the use of finger puppets & extending this further by discussing their own made-up character & creating them through salt-dough.