August News

August came & flew by in a flash & brought with it bundles of sunshine & special moments & memories for the children at Monkey Puzzle…

A beach was created inside for our Blue Monkeys using various areas in the room & a range of different activities encouraging sensory exploration, language development, creativeness & imagination. The crawl in sand pit was filled with golden sand & a paddling pool situated near by housed various types of blue materials some decorated with shiny patterns, seaweed & sea creatures representing the glistering sea! Water play took place, summer flash cards were explored & ice creams were created using crazy foam & coloured rice for sprinkles!

Pink Monkeys have been discovering being healthy through various fun activities & discussions. The children were eager to participate in making nutritious smoothie drinks, where they were encouraged to peel & chop the fruit whilst discussing the different names, shapes, colours & smells thus encouraging children to further develop their fine motor skills, language & personal development. The best part was watching it whizz together & getting to taste the end result! Being healthy & keeping fit continued with the children, through supported conversations with their carers about sports & our favourite active activities linked nicely into the Olympic Games.

This month saw our eldest Red Monkeys, complete their Monkey Puzzle Journey & move on to their next adventure to primary school. We held our annual ‘School Leavers Party’ where the children celebrated throughout the day surrounded by balloons & banners & a bouncy castle! We were joined by our lovely parents/carers in the afternoon, where the party games continued, a delicious party feast was enjoyed & the ice cream van visited!  Also this month the children have enjoyed taking part in some science experiments by observing what happens when you add rock salt to blocks of coloured ice, the children became very excited as the salt changed into different colours & the ice cracked & melted, after describing the new texture that had formed.