September News

During September Monkey Puzzle Ridgmont Road fundraised for two charities; Barnardos & Jeans for Genes, both of which are annual events at the nursery. Lots of Mummies, Daddies, Carers & Grandparents pulled on their best fancy dress & joined children of all ages & staff in our, ‘BARNARDOS BIG TODDLE’. The nursery was quiet but the surrounding streets were filled with beautiful singing voices & beeping horns! Towards the end of the month, we had a day of denim, all staff & children wore their jeans to nursery & various items of denim clothing. We enjoyed a day of fun filled activities which involved; decorating jeans with glue, paint, stickers & sparkly bits & exploring lots of blue resources!

Also this month our Blue Monkeys have enjoyed exploring one of our new resources. The mirrors come in different shapes, colours & sizes therefore encourage our youngest children’s maths development, colour recognition as well as their personal, social & emotional development & communication. The babies have enjoyed looking at their reflections which sometimes appear big, small & even upside down. This resource sparked lots of lovely conversations, enabling our early talkers to babble or use single words. Our babies have also created a, ‘Little Rabbit Foo Foo’ display as this is currently a favourite at story time. They used various textures of cotton wool, flour, rice Krispies & oats to create the rabbit!

Our energetic Pink Monkeys have been developing their imagination, extending their creativeness & touching up on their drama skills through observing their carers carrying out puppet shows using our very own puppet theatre & joining in with the actions. The children went on to make up their own stories which included princesses, tigers & elephants! A new texture this month of ‘fizzy cloud dough’ was also eagerly explored; the children noticed the fizzing noise & said it sounded like a snake & also enjoyed watching the big bubbles form & disappear.

This Month Red Monkeys have been extending their interest of colours & recognition, through mixing colours! The children have been exploring pat-paintings & primary colours. This activity enables the children to mix the paint & see a new colour develop! Food colouring has been carefully poured into see-through bags to observe the colour change & the children have created their very own colour wheels, displaying what two colours make one!