October News

October is really one the best months of the year for diversity and colour… it brings Autumn leaves falling over our garden which in turn brings bug hunts and leaf kicking! Then the colours of our Diwali celebrations illuminate the nursery as all the children experiment with bright colours as well as traditional music, dress and patterns. Fireworks are something that excite the children with their strange noises and stunning patterns which we explore and bring to life with musical instruments, glitter and illuminous paint that is printed, sponged, flicked, scraped and splattered. We also discuss safety with our older children.

Halloween brings spooky stories, dressing up, different foods and very messy activities, this year even our very youngest children were plunging into orange corn flour and making spiders. All the children worked together to make pumpkins, cats, spiders, ghosts and bubbling cauldrons and with a spell of imagination did all of this in different ways from paper collage to 3D clay bugs every day has been fangtastic!!