January 2017 News

Happy New Year 2017…January flew in & flew by in a flash & the fun commenced as we welcomed back our families old & new after the Christmas break!

Throughout January all children have been settling back into nursery life & our youngest children Blue Monkeys have been participating & enjoying taking part in role play activities in the home-corner. Dressed in chef hats & aprons, armed with cooking bowls, spoons & utensils, the children developed their fine-motor skills through picking, mixing, cooking & serving foods to their friends & carers. This was extended into a sensory experience as the babies were given the opportunity to explore, Blue Monkeys Cafe; water & soapy foam for washing up & cooked pasta for food.

Pink Monkeys have been creating very impressive construction & small world role play areas for the children to explore around transport. A combination of various sized/different route car mats, big roads floor puzzles, big & small car garages, train tracks & taped out routes were laid out creating our very own Monkey Puzzle town. The sensory activity of moon-sand enabled our toddlers to tactility explore; this encouraged their fine-motor skills & imaginative development, as the children used the moon-sand to create basket moulds their conversations extended on to telling each other, ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’ story.

Our eldest children Red Monkeys have been practicing recognising & sounding out letters, through fun games which encourage their literacy, communication & language development. Both age groups have been participating in a fun alphabet dancing game; when the music stops they have to say & sound the letter on the mat they have landed on, followed by picking an object from around the room which begins with that letter! Alphabet flash cards have also been used to support & extend this.

Together in January the whole nursery celebrated, ‘Australia day’; traditional foods were tasted, aboriginal art explored, colours of the flag & didgeridoo sounds. Also ‘Chinese New Year 2017’ where the children enjoyed a homemade Chinese feast throughout the day, chopsticks were used to eat with & also in our creative areas to paint, fortune cookies were given & Chinese music played all day!