April 2017

Exploration is the way that children learn and develop at Monkey Puzzle, St. Albans and April has been no exception…

The whole nursery has been learning about the country we live in as we celebrated St. George’s day by dressing up in the colours of the flag and exploring red and white activities all day. The children created their own St. George’s flags by sticking strips of red paper onto a white background. We enjoyed a very English menu of Beef and Onion pie for lunch, and Fish and Homemade Chips for tea. Delicious !

The oldest children have been developing an interest in nature and living things, so a walk down our local Alban Way provided them with an opportunity to explore this further. The children took magnifying glasses so they could hunt within tree trunks and under rocks, learning about the different habitats insects live in.

The reflective pebbles are such a tactile resource that the children are naturally drawn to them. Being able to explore reflective colours is a great way to learn about light and how it travels and bends.