• Feburary News 2020

February News 2020

Love is in the air…. this month at Monkey Puzzle Orient Close we enjoyed a day filled with Valentines celebrations with lots of hearts, pink and red activities. Throughout the age groups both children and their carers took part in group discussions about the people we love including our friends and families, this was also accompanied by red, pink and heart clothing being worn and a red food themed menu! Valentines cards were beautifully created by all; our youngest children used heart cutters and paint, our toddlers used letter stencils to print and spell the word ‘Love’ and our eldest children used their very own fingerprints to create heart shaped balloons. They also stuck together tissue paper and straws, sprinkled with a touch of glitter to create pretty blooming flowers!

Our babies up in Blue Monkeys have been very busy exploring, with some new adventures to take part in; this month we have introduced a new music class delivered by our visiting teacher from Tiny Mites! The babies have really taken to this class and are very much enjoying the music and all the exciting props and puppets, its so great to see the babies beginning to move to the musical beat! A strong interest of our youngest children is animals and this has been encouraged through various areas of play. Supported by their carers the babies have been reading animal books and learning the animals name and sound. This has then been extended through outdoor exploration as the children have been encouraged to look for animals whilst enjoying a walk of our local surroundings. The babies have also enjoyed playing in the nurseries garden using the slide and ride-on toys.

Pink Monkeys have been delving into such interesting sensory activities. The children were provided with homemade scented playdough; lemon, mint and orange, they were encouraged to use their sense of smell and match the smells to the object. This month we were also lucky enough to experience the early life cycle of ducks; we watched as they nestled nice and warm in their eggs in the incubator, hatched into ducklings and then helped care for them in their first weeks of life, including letting them have a little swim! Our toddlers created duck shapes out of playdough and used feathers to make them fluffy!

Mathematics has been a growing interest in our Red Monkeys room this month with our pre-school children being encouraged to count and estimate amounts, using theirs and their carers fingers to help work out their calculations. They are also beginning to solve simple addition. Following on from some recent staff training we have also introduced Makaton into our routine through nursery rhymes such as Old McDonald and the children have also been learning the Makaton sign for the first letter of their name.